Welcome to OKMasonMail.org, the non-profit website created to provide a portal for Oklahoma Masons to keep in touch with current events within the Oklahoma Masonic community.  OKMasonMail provides two methods to relay information:

Email - OKMasonMail will send out emails routinely which contain upcoming Masonic events.  Any Oklahoma Mason can sign up to receive and/or submit entries.  Submittals will be accepted for lodge functions or meetings, degree work - excluding the name of candidate or Brother, and for other special notices such as sickness or distress of a Brother, hospitalizations, funerals, and so on.  Submittals will not be accepted for commentary.  Submittals will be accepted via email.  Do NOT send emails with attachments.  Any email sent with an attachment will be disregarded in its entirety.  Your email address will be kept confidential.  It will NOT be given away or sold.

Calendar - Submittals will be added to the calendar as well as to the outgoing email.

Submittals - Only submittals from registered parties will be accepted.  Make submittals my emailing okmasonmail@gmail.com